The security on annual Oscar ceremony didn’t want to let famous Hollywood comedy actor Sacha Baron Cohen in up to the last moment because of his love for eccentric actions. This time the actor has claimed that he is going to come to the ceremony looking like his character from “Dictator” movie. He told this and despite the strict prohibition he kept his promise.

Sacha appeared on the ceremony in a white general Aladin’s uniform with urn of Kim Jong-il’s ashes, whose face by the way was pictured on the urn. As the actor stepped on the red carpet, he began the show: he started to pour the ashes from the urn right on the carpet. Frankly speaking the security didn’t give the actor the full freedom to hector and broke off his activity. Sacha explained his actions with the fact that Kim Jong-il always dreamt to visit Oscar ceremony and he just helped to make dreams come true.

By the way, the ashes poured as it was thought on the carpet turned out to be on another star’s suit – showman Ryan Seacrest, who had the imprudence to pass by Cohen. Ryan thought of the accident in philosophical way. He said that anything could happen and it’s happened, of course, and appeared on his jacket’s lapels.

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